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The 5 Essential Oils You Should Have in Your Toolkit

by Cindee Black |

Here at Black and Berry Living we are obsessed with essential oils. We know by harnessing the power of nature we can clean, nourish, heal and protect our bodies and environments. Essential oils are concentrated forms of the plants from which they are derived. The type of powers in these oils vary from antibacterial to mood enhancing. Here are the 5 oils we think every household should have on hand!

Known for its sweet menthol scent, this oil is antimicrobial, anti fungal, antiseptic, and anti- inflammatory. It is great for antibacterial needs in your home and on your skin. Medicinally it can be used to treat an upset stomach and digestive issues. In aromatherapy, it can improve mental clarity, relieve anxiety, and treat respiratory issues.

Eucalyptus Oil has a sweet and refreshing scent making it the go to for spas across the world. Its strongest properties are antimicrobial, anti- fungal, antiseptic, anti- inflammatory, analgesic, and deodorant properties. Great for cutting grease and soap scum around your home. inhaling its fragrance helps boost your body's immunity and improve mental alertness and concentration.

With its refreshing and soothing aroma, lemon oil is commonly used for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It's very smell signifies cleanliness and is the go to aroma for cleaning products everywhere Medicinally it can be used to help sore throats and clean and maintain a healthy mouth. Also, excellent at healing skin ailments and wounds, especially effective for insect bites. This oil also has antidepressant properties and will improve your mood.

The notable uplifting yet calming aroma of orange is a familiar favorite. Orange oil is used around the world as an antiseptic and disinfectant making an excellent household cleaner. Excellent at treating skin irritations and rashes because of its antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties.

The go to floral essential oil is a crowd pleaser. Its powers include: antibacterial, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory. Medicinally it is commonly used to promote sleep and relaxation. Also good for treating small wounds or burns. When used in aromatherapy it will boost emotional and physical health.